Monetize your content

Let’s be real. You’re probably sitting on a gold mine of videos and content. You have the product (A), and you know you have the consumers (B), but what you don’t have is the way to monetize Right?

Well, welcome to 2020, where you can easily monetize your video or subscription headache free, you can even have the pay-per-view player on your website and compete with the big players. Move over Netflix and Hulu! You’re not the only ones with skin in the game! WE CAN HELP YOU!!!


Bandwidth is the data that is being transmitted from our servers to your viewers when they watch your videos or live streams.  

The units we use are GB (Gigabytes) or TB (Terabytes,  1000GB = 1 TB)

Bandwidth is calculated differently for plays, downloads, pull/push streaming.

Plays ( All Media )
(Bandwidth  = Total Plays x Viewed Seconds)

Basic landing page on our website

All our clients will get a free basic landing page on our website, that will feature their content.

Monetize content on client personal Website

Paid clients will get the opportunity to host their video content on their personal website for a more personal touch.

100% Revenue

PAID clients will be given 100% of the revenue made on a month to month basis. NO commission, NO profit-sharing.

50% Revenue split

As our motor states “We Grow When YOU Grow” so we invite content creators to use our platform for FREE with an equal fair share agreement for each rental/purchase that will be in effect, meaning clients will get 50% and Caribbean Cyber Stream will get 50% of all the revenue made every month. “We Grow when you Grow”


Monthly Sales Report (BASIC)

 We will email a XML document of all sales that were made for the month. The file will contain basic analytics and a breakdown of revenue splits.


Monthly Sales Report (ADVANCE)

The ADVANCE Report is for paid costumers only. We will email a XML document of all sales that were made for the month. The file will contain full analytics.


All Revenue goes into client personal Bank account after purchase

MONTHLY ADVANCED or YEARLY PAID costumers will have all revenue go directly into their pay pal or Stripe account without passing through ours. Pls Note all clients will have to have a pay pal (Business) or Stripe(Registered) Account and will have to configure it to sync with our pay wall.


All Revenue goes into Caribbean Cyberstream Bank account after purchase, then distributed.

All monthly revenue will pass through our payment system and will be distributed to the Content creator either  via PayPal transfer (clients must have a business pay pal account) or online deposit(bank account info needed) or Local bank deposit (Trinidad & Tobago)



Monetization of "LIVE" Events

Clients will allowed to have their “LIVE” events such as fashion shows, Concerts, Teaching seminars, Classes etc Monetize. Client must have their own streaming equipment to stream to our system for monetization, if not we can provide our Video and streaming team for an additional fee. Please email us for additional info [email protected]


Multiple Video upload

This is the amount of content a client can upload to our server base on the package they choose.


Only 1 movie/concert can be uploaded and if desired to upload more a fee of $1000.00 per upload is required if its a course only 10 teaching videos can be uploaded.

$2000.00 Package(Mth to Mth)

Only 1 Movies/Concert can be uploaded per month and if desired to upload more per month, a fee of $500 (per month) is required. If its a course only 1 playlist (10 teaching )videos per month can be uploaded and if desire to upload more playlist per month a fee of $1000.00 per Playlist is required(monthly fee)

$5000.00 Package(Mth to Mth)

unlimited video and courses upload(Monthly) 


$1600.00 Package(Yearly) 

(Payment plan are available)

  12 Movies/Concert upload(Yearly) can be uploaded and if desired to upload more, a fee

of $2000 per year, per video additional is required. If its a course only 5 playlist(20 teaching video each playlist)
and $3000.00
per additional course(Yearly)

$4500.00 Package(Yearly) 

(Payment plan are available)

unlimited video and courses upload(Yearly) 


Password distribution

This feature will allow Clients to distribute special passwords to viewers and they will be able to watch the content for free. This is good for promotional campaigns etc.


Video Encryption

As a private video sharing site, Caribbean Cyber Stream encrypts your videos with the powerful 128 Bit AES / HLS algorithm. This protects your videos from being downloaded and potentially stolen by an unauthorized viewers who are using video downloading tools. We constantly work on adding new features to keep your videos safe.


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