Stranger tings

short film

Starring - Duane Millien | Andell Noel

Director - Aaron Caruth

Starring - Duane Millien | Andell Noel

Written by Aaron Caruth

Executive Producer - A Millien Concepts

Director - Aaron Caruth


Stranger tings

The date is Friday 13th and for Duane it’s a regular evening…up until darkness falls, and with the darkness comes Stranger Tings!

A simple “local” horror fan film; inspired by the love of the original Netflix series “Stranger Things,” but with a Trinbagonian twist!

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A Film by Aaron Caruth

Life in Motion…a simple motto Aaron likes to live by. Having started in the Creative Video Production field back in 2003, life creating hasn’t stopped since for him. He’s been blessed to work on various corporate projects locally, regionally and internationally in the forms of Television Commercials, Feature Films and Live Entertainment Shows to name a few. That journey made room for the advent of Motion by Aaron Caruth in 2015, where the business now provides a wide range of Creative Video Production Services for amazing independent persons and companies.


It’s scary when a company places their vision in your hands…however it makes for awesome experiences, with the end product being the proof to show it. From 2003 to now, one thing has been consistent…ever growing, ever progressing, ever moving…hence the mantra “Life in Motion” – we’ve only just started…

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