I ReP. Christ

The Concert (PPV)

purchase ppv here

only usd$5.99 or $50.00TT

please note Payments can be made via PAY PAL & Bank Transfers

If you do not have PAY PAL please use the bubble on the right to talk to an agent or whatsapp 1(868)755-8783 for more payment options.

If encounter any problems during the live broadcast Please use the Talk bubble at the right of the screen or WhatsApp 1(868)755-8783.

Optimal Video Quality

Use strong wifi.
Close unused programs.
Update browser.
Check speaker.

Video freezing suddenly?

Try refreshing the page. Access code is saved in your cache, so refresh won’t affect coming back.

Arrived early?

At time of scheduled event, hit refresh to ensure you are viewing the most updated version.


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