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Most Frequently asked questions and answers

Unfortunately our system dont 100% support Safari…It’s mostly supportive of windows.

Broadband connection


1.5 mbs

Minimum: 0.5 mbs

Standard definition (SD)

3 mbs

High definition (HD)

5 mbs

4K/Ultra HD (UHD)

25 mbs


Downloading of the content are not allowed. Once downloaded and re uploaded on YouTube this is known as piracy and its a cyber crime that has penalties.

Most movies on the platform are rented for 24hrs then the ticket expires.

We are a video and Streaming Production company offers
1. Live multicamera Video Production.
2.Live streaming to social media
3. Pay per view options
4. Video on demand (monitization of course, teaching seminars and Films etc.)

You can watch movies on our platform through some internet-connected device  such as smartphones and tablets. However  we recommend  laptop or desktop computer wit chrome browsers to achieve the best possible results.

Currently we accept Pay-pal which is an automatic system and movies will be seen immediately after payments. However we also accept bank transfers and wi-pay payments but viewing will be delayed 🙁 we are working on ways to get these payment gateways to sync with our system…

No the system uses two factor authentication which means only 1 person at ny given time can watch the movie. NO TICKET SHARING ARE ALLOWD THE SYSTEM CAN LOCK YOU OUT.

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