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cavanal 2019

the realm of unit

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“CAVANAL 2019” ON-DEMAND full performance with live Band.

There’s an energy and a joy that is intrinsic to my people. There is so much strength in our unity that we’re able to celebrate together in the midst of any struggle. People may think that we’re naive but we are just positive and refuse to let our circumstances define the way we live. Carnival is a microcosm. You look at one fete and see so many different walks of life, so many races, religions and cultures moving together to the same beat. It’s a vibe. It’s intangible but it’s something we all feel and know. It is carefree but it is empathetic. It is indifference but it is also love. We can’t explain it. It’s just who we are as a people…Caribbean People!

-Aaron “Voice” St Louis


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$ 2.99
  • Genre: Soca
  • Rental time: 24hrs(10 plays)
  • Run-time: 1:26:13
  • Quality: HD
  • Audio: MONO
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